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The consultation and examination by the doctors at the “Saint Marina” HIFU-Center (the team includes a Professor of Oncology), certified to work with the HIFU therapeutic system JC and CZF Ultrasound therapeutic device are  to establish whether the patient/tumor is appropriate for  the HIFU treatment.

* The patient has to present the current CT scans or CD/plaques from MRI examination and all available medical documentation, relevant to his/her case.

** In cases where the patient is referenced by a physician, familiar with the HIFU-criteria, who has assessed the patient as appropriate for this therapy, step 1 could be skipped and the planning– step 2, could be scheduled.


When it is confirmed that the patient has the indications which make the HIFU-therapy the optimal choice of treatment, a planning of the procedure is performed. This is a “simulation” of the HIFU procedure and includes examination with the ultrasound, diagnostic system and software of the JC system.

N.B. It is obligatory that the patient’s CT scans/ MRI examination results be presented at this stage.

*Exclusively for the patients of the “Saint Marina” HIFU-Center  , a partnering hospital provides express MRI examination in the morning of the day of the planning.

You can receive more information on our lines: (+359) 064 90 20 33 and 064 90 20 44.


breast fibroadenoma,
uterine fibroids,
malignant tumors, metastases andpalliative treatment

When the planning confirms that the patient is appropriate for the HIFU therapy, the day for the treatment is scheduled. A preliminary consultation with the anesthesiologist and internist, as well as an ECG examinationis included in the overall treatment price.

Follow-up Examinations

Depending on the indications, the patient could leave the HIFU-Center a few hours after the therapy or - the next day.

The patient is advised to continue with follow-up examinations with the HIFU-specialists. The follow-ups are carried out in 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months after the HIFU procedure.