What is HIFU?

HIFU is an acronym meaning “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound”.

Why the HIFU treatment is so popular?

The therapy with HIFU (Ultrasound ablation) is a revolutionary, radically new approach to the treatment of solid tumors in the human body - both benign and malignant. The method became very popular among patients and doctors, and is widely used in the world's leading clinical centers in recent years. It is completely non-invasive extra-corporal medical treatment where a high-intensity focused ultrasound beam is applied with unique precision in the target zone of the tumor and thus ablation (destruction) of the non-cancerous, pre-cancerous or cancerous neoplasms is obtained. HIFU therapy is organ-sparing, without conventional surgical excision - no scars, no blood-loss, with minimal risk of infection and lack of operational stress. It is important to point out that the patient recovers in 24 hours and may return to her/his active routine 1-2 days after the procedure.

HIFU therapy

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